Health assessments are generally cost-effective in facilitating employee health recovery and return to work as well as maintaining longer term attendance and performance. Prolonged sickness absence problems may also be resolved.

Health assessments available:

  • Sickness absence
  • Pre-employment
  • Ill health retirement

Special services include:

  • Drivers' (LGV) medicals
  • Executive medicals
  • Health surveillance (lead, ionizing radiation, asbestos, respiratory, etc)
  • Occupational Health risk assessment
  • Health policy development (e.g. alcohol and drugs)
  • Medicolegal assessments
  • Sport related injuries and health problems

Additional services include:

  • Brief counselling and relaxation therapies for stress-related health problems
  • Exercise programs for rehabilitation and prevention of health problems
  • Reflexology provided by 'Not Just Feet' Reflexology

The Importance of Independent Advice

Impartiality of occupational health advice is essential for the trust and confidence of both employees and employers while maintaining professional standards of medical practice. Medical problems can be then be clearly identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

Stress at work and motivational problems may require management support. Independent medical advice is thus essential in achieving a co-operative approach to reducing sickness absence and work related ill health plus improved business performance.